July 7th, 2015 - Irvington Public Library - 5pm -6pm Author Visit and then Teen writing workshop  

July 8th, 2015 - Kidlit Quiz World Final - CCSU New Britain, CT

November 2015 ALAN  Reading through the Rhetoric: Using YA Literature as a Critical Lens: Teenagers live in a world where they are overwhelmed with words – in advertisements, social media, and the news. While teachers and librarians often focus on evaluating sources used for academic research, the fact remains that our young readers of the world are often left unprepared to critically read everything else that gets thrown at them. In a world where the “news” is increasingly becoming driven by what will generate the most clicks, Sarah Andersen and Cindy Minnich will share how looking at works like Sarah Darer Littman’s Backlash and Want to Go Private? as well as Paul Fleischman’s Eyes Wide Open can introduce the concepts of rhetoric and critical reading in real world contexts familiar to teens. By examining YA titles that give insight into“the rest of the story” behind the stories that get shared on social media and in the headlines, we are able to engage with students in safe discussion about the stories they are exposed to  every day.  Sarah Darer Littman will share insight into her novels as well as present her particular viewpoint as a journalist – and why preparing our students to read their worlds critically is so important - not just to be “college and career ready,” but to be prepared as engaged citizens in a healthy democracy. Additional recommended relevant YA titles and resources will be shared during this presentation.

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